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The CassiniDev project has acquired formal funding due to a gracious grant from City Index Ltd and will enjoy much more of my undivided attention in the near future.

In the past year, small amounts of time have been funded by City Index and those following the source commits may have noticed that most of the issues and feature request have been implemented as well as a host of new testing related features. I have not packaged a build for download as I have been working on the V6 release, which can be found in /branches, and plan this as the next downloadable deliverable.

I have also taken ownership of the CassiniDev Nuget package so the new lib assemblies will be published there as well.

But all of this is going to have to wait until the end of Sept 2012 as I am currently madly preparing for an attempt at multiple motorcycle land speed records on the salt flats at Bonneville Speedway, which unexpected delays and expenses have placed in dire jeopardy.

I have to be on the road in less than 2 weeks to begin the month long racing season and am desperately short of funding....

If you have ever considered supporting CassiniDev, even in the smallest amount, please go to, read more about myself, the bike, and what we are trying to do and maybe make a contribution of any amount to help keep this dream alive!

Thank you for your time and now, back to your regularly scheduled program ;-)


The goal of the CassiniDev project is to provide an open platform for developing a robust ASP.Net web server implementation that addresses many of the limitations and difficulties encountered when using Cassini and/or Visual Studio Development Server.

CassiniDev is packaged as a standalone WinForms GUI application, a console application and library assembly suitable for self hosting and in automated testing scenarios including continuous integration and as a 100% compatible drop-in replacement for the Visual Studio 2008/2010 development server.

01-cassinidev-ui.png 01-cassinidev-logviewer.png



  • Numerous bug fixes of the original Cassini source.
  • Full support for any IP address. Not limited to localhost.
    • NOTE: Due to an intentional limitation in SimpleWorkerRequest, WCF content is not servable on other than the loopback (localhost)
  • HostName support with option to temporarily add hosts file entry.
  • Port scan option. Dynamically assign an available port when specific port is not required or known to be available.
  • WaitOnPort: Length of time, in ms, to wait for specific port to become available.
  • TimeOut: Length of time, in ms, to sit idle before stopping server.
  • NTLM authentication support.
  • Single file GUI and Console applications and a library assembly for in-process hosting.
  • Painless self hosting of a full ASP.Net server implementation for applications and testing frameworks.
  • Unlike Cassini and Visual Studio Development Server, CassiniDev supports a full compliment of content types.
  • Integrated traffic monitoring.
  • Visual Studio 2008/2010 Development server drop-in replacement with all CassiniDev enhancements.
  • insert your improvements here

In the Wild

- CassiniDev & WatiN Continuous Integration -
- CassiniDev & Statlight Silverlight integration testing
- CassiniDev hosting GitPrise - a Git server for windows
- contact me to add your use of /experience with CassiniDev


Help: A lot of work went into CassiniDev and the game is not over. There is no cost for using CassiniDev but you can support the project with feedback and ratings.

These cost nothing but a few moments of your time and will help in many ways:
  1. help shape the direction any further development goes
  2. provide others that may be considering trying CassiniDev an idea of the quality of the software
  3. raise the profile and visibility of the project which will feed a cycle of 1,2,3
  4. let me know that I am doing a good job. ;-)

So, if you use CassiniDev, leave some comments, ratings and feedback, positive or negative.


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