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Integrated Request/Response Log and Viewer

CassiniDev includes the optional facility to log and view all traffic to and from the server.


The current persistence implementation uses System.Data.SQLite and requires no configuration.

If you do not wish to install System.Data.SQLite from, you may still view traffic in memory.

When using in-memory logging, traffic will only be captured when the LogView is active and all data is disposed when the window is closed.

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osudude Jun 14, 2011 at 9:10 PM 
I pulled the 70631 version of the code and made a 64 bit build and replaced my stock VS2010 cassini. It runs as a web server just fine (running on Unfortunately, it does not show any log activity. I installed SQLite and made sure the log viewer was visible. Still no log files. How do you get logging to work?